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On-Point On-Boarding

September 20

The big day has arrived. Committing to new employment is a milestone event and your company has the opportunity to immediately create a positive narrative. A leadership decision to produce a well thought out Employment Onboarding program is immensely important

Membership Program Kit

March 2

Your multiple occasions to make an impression, besides the first, all need to be great. They do because a new member has already been positively influenced since they agreed to join, but as long as the word “new” still applies,

Sales Recognition

January 31

View your recognition program as an investment in your company and be of the mindset to motivate specific behavior so you can register specific results. Our method formalizes the process and delivers expectations and reasoning. This is not a casual

Extend the Extent of your Event

October 21

Give Souvenirs. Consider this, people spend their money on merchandise that evokes memories. We think of vacations, concerts, and special occasions. This means that people want merchandise that reminds them of unforgettable experiences, and this plays especially well when we