Posted on: October 21st, 2017 by Promotionologie

Give Souvenirs. Consider this, people spend their money on merchandise that evokes memories. We think of vacations, concerts, and special occasions. This means that people want merchandise that reminds them of unforgettable experiences, and this plays especially well when we are in groups. How this relates to the business of promoting for brand awareness is when a person is a part of an event, they are building a memory with you along with others. You are in control of how this experience is told and retold, in part with the take-ways. Okay, so we get this, but let’s dig deeper. When planning your promos, you have selected the products based on your theme, but you still need a delivery system to get them into the hands of your individuals.

Promotionologie has the solution to deliver them in an organized, informative, intentional kit; all custom packing included. All. In. One. Why do this? Skip ahead: How will you measure the success of your conference? Do you want positive reviews? Do you want people to return? Do you want more social engagement outcome? Do you want she or he to write back for a subscription or follow up appointment? This kit does it, it does because your messaging is integrated into the packing to tell the broader story about the bag, t-shirt and bottle inside, and what it means. It will be read and re-read. You are not just giving them cool products, you are telling a story. When there is more to say and more to ask, than your logo+tagline, build a kit and build something meaningful everyone will remember.

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