Promotionologie is science behind promoting your brand through the use of industry specific pre-assorted kits chalked full of promotional products with your logo that are designed to drive brand awareness and engagement with new and existing associates and customers.

We also offer a suite of marketing services such as design, copywriting, brand development and digital services to drive awareness and results.

“Promotionologie – The Science Behind Strategic Swag”

Promotionologie Method:

The Promotionologie method is simple. We have done the up-front work for you.
Our method consists of 5 steps.


a category you are targeting (Human Resources, Finance, etc)


the products you want in the kit. Product selections have been pre-assorted by category

Add to Cart

and fill in your information

Upload Your Logo

for imprinting and checkout


your sales grow

Inside Scoop

  • Products have been pre-selected based on good | better | best which allows you to build your kit to match your budget.
  • The kit box size will vary depending on your product selection.
  • Product prices are based on a minimum of 3 items per box, and up to as many will fit. Check in with us on other combinations, because we can do it.
  • Kits include packaging. Your merchandise is packed in white boxes with a full color print on the outside with no more than 60% ink coverage (call for a quote on heavier ink coverage). Products are expertly packaged with full-color custom printed tissue.
  • Want a product that is not in our product curation? Tell us exactly what you want and we will source it for you.
  • You can select from different expressions to fill your cart that will create your kit.
  • Select equal amounts of each product so the kit will be built with the same number of parts. Extras or other variations can be done, just tell us.
  • Your logo will be applied to each products professionally decorated in a way that fits and prints best.

Contact us for creative services such as logo or brand development, because we can add services that are simple, smart and solution-focused.