Posted on: September 20th, 2017 by Promotionologie

The big day has arrived. Committing to new employment is a milestone event and your company has the opportunity to immediately create a positive narrative. A leadership decision to produce a well thought out Employment Onboarding program is immensely important to creating a welcoming environment that in turn, is an enduring boost for the entire company morale. Let’s take the employee’s perspective here: the first day you receive a branded apparel piece, cool notebook+pen, and a travel tumbler carefully packed in a printed gift packed box informatively branded. The box reads “Welcome, we are glad you are here!” A note card reads “Take note and get ready to love your job. Your favorite beverage can be found in the break room on floor 8. TGIF! Friday is casual day, and a great time to wear this fleece!”  

This brings a smile to the newcomer—and it’s certainly a big help to the HR staff member setting them up. You start the relationship motivating, encouraging and surprising. Now asking what’s the ROI?  You should. Employees with company pride are more likely to be more productive. Companies act in several ways towards recruiting and improving their on-boarding system. This has the ability to tell the new employee that your organization is a great place to work, and the professional environment is a safe place to work. Functionally speaking, use this piece to deliver necessary training materials. Your on-boarding kit can include a USB drive with the employee manual, a commercial about what to expect, and other important documents to get started. There’s a lot to cover and by automating the process, you can save time and money. Your on-boarding kit is supposed to be more than useful products, it’s also a visual memory trigger to recall expectations and strengthen the commitment everyone is making. Don’t glaze over the importance of this day, for that will be the memory. Instead, build rapport on the first day! First impressions are everlasting.

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